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It is a privilege to serve my fellow man.

We seeks to strengthen communities and help people who are homeless or at risk by
providing housing options and support services. We work to build the confidence of people who might
otherwise feel marginalized by providing a sense of being cared about, relevant, and privileged. We
define success as helping clients to become and stay housed and to be empowered in their lives

As a nation, we often feel like privilege and opportunity are limited to those who possess certain qualities. This can lead some people into situations where they don't know what it feels like not to have these things offered as options on demand- because if you did then there would be no way for them to continue living with just "enough". But at Privilege Nonprofit, our team was made up primarily of compassionate individuals first following their hearts in 2020 by stepping out faithfully towards help from others when needed most...and now being able through hard work day after day make sure everyone around us has somewhere safe & warm during this challenging season

Types of Services Provided

We currently provide the following services:

  •  Providing food, clothing, living essentials, and pandemic care (masks, etc.)

  •  Finding housing, locating funding, assisting with applications, and sourcing home goods

  •  Helping people connect to additional resources to cover food, essentials, and healthcare

  •  Connecting people to mental health resources and community and youth support groups

  •  Helping veterans connect to benefits, post-military adjustment resources, and PTSD resources

  •  Helping seniors connecting to senior-specific medical care and resources

  •  Helping the newly housed connect to resources in their new community

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